Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Google+ - Grow your profile

So Google+ is a growing social media platform that is mainly taken up by people who know a little bit about SEO or marketing. There is a much heavier usage of businesses on Google+ than on other social media platforms as it allows quick integration with listings on Google maps and other Google products.

Google+ Power to Your Content

But one aspect you may not know is that your Google profile can act as a great advert for your content. Google want to use the platform to find what the best content is on the net and a great indicator is those interactions with the content, and the people who are generating that great content.

If you set up your profile correctly you should have listed all the blogs you contribute too, this is part of the standard process of setting up authorship mark up so will help your search rankings aswell. The other thing is to include your links in your introduction to add weight to your blog or website. 

Did You Know?

Many people claim that Google will automatically index any content that is shared on their social media platform, which would make sense as they want the fastest and best content to be on their search engine for users. This means any content you post you should automatically get in the habit of posting on Google+ and communities are a great way of getting real organic traffic of engaged users in your niche.

A good tool to discover how you rank against other users is Circlecount

No Substitute for Quality

There is no quick fix to this. There is not black hat techniques to buy followers that will generate you any better results for your content you will only improve by adding quality and the communities and followers your connected with will make the final judgement as to whether you are worthy of a +1 share or comment. Google+ like twitter doesn't have a reciprocal add logic to it, so you won't find that even if thousands of people follow you that you need to follow them back, I mean after all your feed would look like a sushi bar on warp speed. What you need to do is engage with people you like who generate content you enjoy, don't be tempted to add people just for the sake of attempting to get a follow back it's a pointless endevaour.

Other Social Media

So while twitter and Facebook are currently trying desperately to monetise their systems with product advertisement at a cost (paid messaging to celebs, sponsored posts, ads, Sponsored tweets etc) Google+ can happily generate a social media platform which does what it says on the tin and makes it a platform for people to socialise and share ideas......for now.

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