Saturday, 23 March 2013

Guest Blogging in Googles Sights

Whilst Google is always one step behind any black hat webmasters out there they do eventually catch up. The rise in popularity of Guest Blogging has shown that you can get quality content for your site in exchange for one or two links to other peoples sites. In practice this sounds like a lovely way of improving your blog and building links. But like any good idea which started with a few good quality blogs it has quickly descended into a free for all.

If you have a number of websites you will have no doubt received the numerous emails offering you SEO help at ridiculously low prices? Well the first thing I noticed about these is that the emails weren't even written properly. The English is poor on a lot of these so called SEO expert companies communications and that should immediately set alarm bells ringing. Essentially what they do is sub contract out paid work to writers who receive very small amounts if anything of the original fee. This means your website is put at risk because the only websites that are likely to accept such poor quality content are either Article Directories or flipped sites that are purely written by guest bloggers with no original content from the web owner.

This means you are associating yourself with people who Google will downgrade at the next update and some of that bad affect will blow back into your website. So before you part with $20 for 5 quality backlinks have a bit of a think about what it is your trying to acheive. Most SEO tactics might show good results in the first month with huge volumes of traffic coming into your website but if you are punished this will soon drop and by then it is too late to stop the tactics these SEO 'experts' have used. It would also be worth noting here that if you are guest posting to drive traffic to an eCommerce site then you really need to ensure that the link is relative, there is no point in advertising your plumbing company with an article on fashion.

But there is some hope out there if you want to ensure quality content. Ensure you check out the background of those wishing to do the work for you, ask for a CV of previous work and always ask them if they are English first language speaker. Always check the link of any guest post you are about to post onto your blog and make sure its relevant and always check the article is of sufficient quality. To find quality writers check out some well moderated Google plus communities like Uk Guest Posting or you are welcome to leave a comment with your email and I will be in touch to help.

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